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"We have entered an age that favours radicalism over moderation"

In Monday’s Financial Times, economics & finance speaker Wolfgang Münchau wrote a fascinating op-ed arguing that liberal economic policies have laid the foundation for an age of political radicalism. For more information on economics & finance speaker Wolfgang Münchau, contact VBQ Speakers founding agent Leo von Bülow-Quirk on leo@vbqspeakers.com or 0044 7833 727090.

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How to create memorable brands and customer experiences

Book Ed Cooke as a keynote speaker. Yesterday, Grand Master Of Memory Ed Cooke showed a group of the UK's leading marketing professionals how to create memorable brands and customer experiences. He delivered his message in a brilliantly engaging and interactive way. Here he is memorising a 40-digit number - forwards and backwards…

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Anand Menon discusses Brexit with Tony Blair and Nigel Farage

In a pair of lively and hard-hitting interviews to mark a year until Britain leaves the EU, Professor Anand Menon discussed Brexit with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage. To book Anand Menon as an expert keynote speaker on Brexit get in touch.

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